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Aspect Imaging is the world’s leader in the design and development of compact MR imaging and NMR systems for preclinical, medical and advanced industrial applications. Aspect Imaging’s breakthrough technology—Compact High-Performance Permanent Magnets—offers unique and comprehensive solutions to the primary obstacles that exist in the current MRI market. These include: high purchase and maintenance costs; the technical complexities involved in operating and maintaining high-field MRI systems; safety-related issues; and the physical limitations regarding the placement of conventional MRI systems due to their active magnetic fields. Aspect Imaging’s M-Series Compact MRI Systems solve all of these issues in the following ways: The system is affordable. There are negligible maintenance requirements. The extremely low-level external magnetic field means that they can be placed anywhere in a research facility, or in most locations within a hospital for clinical use. The systems are intuitive and user-friendly, and designed to be operated by researchers or technicians with no prior imaging or MRI experience. This simplicity of operation enables the power of MRI as a diagnostic standard in the preclinical market, to be fully utilized in complex biological research applications, including cancer research, neurobiology, obesity and diabetes, and in vivo and ex vivo (3D histology) anatomical imaging. The system can leverage a variety of techniques including 2D, 3D, and contrast agent acquisition and analysis, and additionally, may be conveniently utilized in multi-modality applications and image co-registration.